History of the Rox Alumni Association

The Development of the Rox Alumni Association
Annual Rox Athletic Alumni Golf Outing
In July 2001 Max Higgs-RHS '68 returned to Rockville.  He had left his high school in 1968, started his college studies in Evansville, and relocated in Louisville where he commenced his business career.  After 30+ years and several relocations he realized that it was time to plug back into the Rockville community and give back to the community that raised him.  He picked July as it was Parke County Fair month.  This would be a good opportunity to meet old friends, classmates, and community leaders.  During that week he scheduled a round of golf at Harrison Hills golf course in Attica with Coach Gambaiani and fellow athletes Kevin Jacks, Dan Butler, Johnny Nelson, Ed Crowder, Mike Sciotto, Jesse Higgs, and Tony Reeder.
(Mike Sciotto and Max not in picture)
At the end of the round of golf and lunch at the club house, Coach made the comment that we should turn this into a bigger annual event for Rox Athletic Alumni. Max saw this as his first opportunity to give back and became a founding member of the Rox Athletic Alumni Planning Committee.  The first Athletic Alumni golf outing occurred the following July of 2002.  The annual outing is now going into its 12th year and has experienced great success.  Click this link for more info on the annual Rox Athletic Alumni Golf Outing and the mission of the Athletic Alumni Planning Committee.  The annual event has raised over $35,000 for the advancement of Rox Athletics.  Click this link to see the Rox Athletic Alumni Financial Results to date.  
Annual Rox Alumni All Class Reunions
With the success of growing attendance at the annual golf outing it was determined that we could build on the event by adding an All Class Rox Alumni Evening Reunion.  As school reunions go, most classes have had their reunions every 5 years or so, if they had any class reunions at all.  Some classes were closer than others so it seemed kinda hit and miss.  Since many alumni have brothers and sisters in other classes, it is common for alumni to know many alumni outside their own classes.  Therefore, it followed that alumni would like to see other alumni at reunions outside their classes as well.  This opportunity was not available with single class reunions.  There was considerable discussion regarding the frequency of the All Class Reunion.  There was some concerns voiced that attendance may not be as good in subsequent years after the initial reunion.  It was decided, however, that the event would be an annual event based on the growing attendance success of the Annual Rox Athletic Alumni Golf Outing.  Max contacted fellow alumni Phil Garrigus '68 and Rene Summerville Jacobson '71 and they began the planning for the reunion in 2005.  It was determined that the event would include all Rockville Schools Alumni, educators, school administrators, and Rox supporters. The first reunion was planned to launch in 2006.  The event was announced through local newspaper ads, fliers at local Rockville businesses, and by mail.
Clark Hall (owned by fellow alumn Bill Clark '64 and Mary Clark) was filled with enthusiastic alumni, educators, and Rox supporters.  Phil Garrigus was the emcee for the event, food service provided by fellow alumn Vickie Loy Jeffries '71, the cash bar was provided by Mark Vanderheyden '76,  and music provided by Dream Weavers. Click this link for picture videos of the Annual All Class Reunions 2006-2009.   Attendance at these annual reunions from 2006 through 2010 experienced growth each year.  A special thanks is extended to Rene Summerville Jacobson '71.  Rene was the glue that made everything come together for our reunions.  She assisted with the plans for the agenda, distributed fliers at the local businesses, made arrangements for all decorations, and manned the reception desk at each event.  THANK YOU RENE!
By 2011 our attendance had outgrown the facilities at Clark Hall so we moved our annual reunions to The 36 Saloon, owned by fellow alumn Mark Vanderheyden '76.  Mark had expanded the 36 significantly over the last few years and was ready to host our annual events.  We also took this opportunity to apply input for some changes in our reunion agenda which we had received over the years from alumni.  Changes included, no registration fees, food could be ordered from the menu at the 36, and no formal written agenda or speeches. This created a much more open and social environment for all to mix and mingle and re-unite alumni.  Jeanne Smith '68 joined our reunion committee that year and created a great slideshow which was presented on TV's throughout the 36 Saloon.  Click this link to our Photo Gallery to see pictures from our 2010 thru 2013 reunions.
The current members of the Rox Alumni Annual All Class Reunion Committee are: Max Higgs, Phil Garrigus, Rene Summerville Jacobson, Rita Collier Jacks '71, and Jeanne Smith '68
Rox Alumni Website
In 2008 Max thought there should be a better way to communicate with alumni and provide alumni who are scattered around the globe a way to re-connect with Rockville and fellow alumni.  He decided the best way to do this would be the development of a Rox Alumni website.  So Max started developing the www.roxalumni.com
website.  The site was launched on February 2, 2009.  Shortly after the launch of the website Bill Hill '66 contacted Max and offered his assistance to develop and expand the website.  Bill, Rene, and Max then set about the extensive project of scanning yearbooks for every book they could get our hands on.   Gregg Schrader '68 was also instrumental in this effort.  Bill's creativity and diligent efforts on the website created many of the pages on the website.  He expanded the website with a wealth of information to preserve the rich history of Rockville and our school.  Bill continues to build our website today with his creative thoughts and has created other exciting initiatives which will be highlighted below.  Thank you Bill Hill for all you do for us, it is an honor to work along side you!
Mary Catherine Barnes Overpeck '58 expressed her thoughts on the website:
Max, you have no idea how you have made it possible for us "upperclassmen" to re-connect with classmates that we thought we would never see or hear from again.  You have made it possible for all of us to share in our memories as well as our present lives.   This is where our roots began and we are who are today because of our heritage.  And to the folks who don't care to join in on the web site or the reunions, I say to them, I feel sorry for you, because you have no idea what you are missing.  One man has made it possible for all of us to go back to the most carefree time in our lives and relive it all.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us all be 18 years old again.  August 4, 2010
Today (2013) our website has 1,509 members and has had over 154,000 website hits.  The website provides alumni with the ability to email fellow alumni.  To date alumni have sent 26,672 emails to one another through the website.  The website and annual all class reunions have reunited Rox Alumni and has even been the catalist to join some in marriage!  
The current members of the Rox Alumni Website Committee are Max Higgs '68, Phil Garrigus '68, Bill Hill '66, and Jared Thompson '99.  Click this link to follow the development results of the Rox Alumni Website.
Rox Alumni "Campaign For Kids"
In 2009, Bill Hill originated and lead our first alumni fund raising campaign at the 2009 All Class Reunion.  Bill went around town to all the local merchants and bought up all the school supplies they had and then "passed the donation hat" around at the evening alumni reunion.  The fund raiser has been an annual event since that date and has been named the alumni "Campaign For Kids".  The campaign raises funds for Rockville kids in need and to date (2013) the initiative has donated van loads of school supplies and raised  $7,882.61 which is administered by the Rockville Elementary and Jr/Sr High Schools.
Click on this link for more info on the Rox Alumni Campaign For Kids.
Annual Rox Alumni Hall of Fame
Max had a vision for a Rox Alumni Hall of Fame to develop in the website and had a page set up for it but time had not permitted it's development and it had not been activated.  Max's vision for the Alumni Hall of Fame in 2009 originated after it was determined that the school had lost, discarded, or gave away historic school trophies and other memorabilia of school accomplishments.  Max wanted to find a way to bring the alumni and the historic school heritage back into the school and serve as a living inspiration to students.  It would also encourage support of our school by alumni and would build a stronger bond between alumni and our school.  
In 2009 Bill Hill offered to move the idea forward  and get  the Hall of Fame started.     Bill, Phil, and Max comprise the Hall of Fame Committee.   The three had a number of discussions on the proper way to form the Hall of Fame and they received input from others as well.  It was decided the best  and only way to kick off the Hall of Fame was to induct Superintendent Russell Garrigus and Superintendent Dr. Larry Gambaiani, both who had done so much for the Rockville School Corporation.  
The committee set as its mission;

to properly recognize and honor Rox Alumni and those individuals who have excelled in their field of endeavor and/or contributed significantly to RHS, the community, and lives of others.

The first Hall of Fame induction ceremony occurred on January 23, 2010 with the induction of Superintendents Russell Garrigus and Dr. Larry Gambaiani.  The ceremony was presented by the Rox Alumni Website Committee in conjunction with Rockville Community Schools at the first annual Rox Hall of Fame Game.

The current Rox Alumni Website Hall of Fame Committee is Max Higgs, Phil Garrigus, and Bill Hill.
Click this link for more information on the Rox Alumni Hall of Fame.
Rox Alumni Sponsor Rox Youth Football Program
2011 brought another opportunity for alumni to contribute to Rox success.  Coach Herb King contacted Max regarding the need to establish a youth football program in Rockville.  Coach King advised that he had been working with the Clay Youth Football Program in Brazil the last few years and encouraged Rockville kids to participate.  He mentioned that Rockville participation was prohibitive to many kids in Rockville as all practices and games were in Brazil.  By establishing a Rox Youth Football program, the kids could practice in Rockville and only go to Brazil for the weekend games.  Coach King advised that there were other programs they could join but most of them concentrated more on winning than on football fundamentals.  So he agreed to establish the Rox Youth Football Program if alumni could sponsor 2 teams in the Clay Football League.  Alumni heard the call and responded with donations to fund the 2 teams.  Alumni sponsored the Sr. team The Rox Alumni Screaming Eagles and the Jr. team The Rox Alumni 49ers.  Enrollment was great with 15 for the Eagles and 21 for the 49ers.
The program just completed its 3rd year with much success.  Last year the Rox Alumni Irish team finished 2nd and the 2013 Rox Alumni Pee Wee team won their Championship in only their second year of participation!  The 2012 season was highlighted for the players with a trip to Indianapolis to play a game at Lucas Oil Stadium and observe a Colts football game.  The young Rox are making their presence known well in the Clay Youth Football League and will add to the strong Rockville football heritage for years to come.  Click this link to our "Photo Gallery" to see pictures of our teams over the last 3 years.
Rox Alumni 4H Fairgrounds Bleacher Initiative
In February of 2011 Tom Stambaugh with the Parke County 4H Fairground Board contacted us regarding an urgent need to replace the aged bleachers in the "Cow Palace".  This building is the site of the annual 4H livestock showings, queen contests, and vespers.  We created the above video for fundraising and it received over 400 hits.  The video was also emailed to over 1,500 Rox alumni website members.  This initiative was a great success and the new bleachers were installed and operational for the 2011 Parke County Fair in July.
Click this link to see the new "Cow Palace Bleachers". 
Moriah's Story
Moriah McMurtry is the daughter of fellow alumn Tony McMurtry '83.  Click on Moriah's picture above to read about Moriah's touching story and how alumni assisted her and her family.
Rox Alumni Receive IRS Non-Profit Status
In February, 2013 we received a call from fellow Rox alumn Todd Truitt '97.  Todd is a corporate attorney with the firm of Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher, LLP . Los Angeles, Ca.  Todd inquired if we had considered filing our alumni group as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We informed Todd that we had considered it but time, knowledge, and money had kept us from follow through on it.  Todd stepped up and offered to handle the complete process for us and his firm would provide the whole process on a pro-bono basis including all process and filing fees. Todd was assisted by his firm associate David Koch-Weser and they commenced the processing shortly thereafter.  Todd and David spent many hours on our corporate filing and our IRS approval came through 9 months later on October 23, 2013.  Todd also engaged Greg Duncan, attorney with the firm of 
Bingham Greenbaum Doll LLP Indianapolis, Indiana to handle our Indiana filings.  These services and fees were also handled pro-bono by Bingham Greenbaum Doll.  We are most thankful to Todd and his firm for making this happen for our alumni organization.  Our organization is known as the Rockville Alumni Foundation, Inc. dba Rox Alumni.  Our status with the IRS is a Public Charity under section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the IRS tax code.  Contributions to us are deductible under Section 170 of the Code.  We are also qualified to receive tax deductible requests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Code.
Rockville Alumni Foundation, Inc.
Directors: Max Higgs, Phil Garrigus, Bill Hill
Registered Agent- Greg Steuerwald '70 - Steuerwald, Hannon, Zielinski & Witham, LLP

"Old School" Reunions

Please contact Bill Hill 66 if have any additional information, clarification or corrections to  the  information presented below.

The Rockville graduating classes of 1909 thru 1962 attended the high school building on North Jefferson Street and the building has come to be known as the "Old School". The high school building on North Beadle Street opened in the fall of 1962 and is referred to as the "new" high school.  The reunions that took place for the classes or groups of classes that graduated from the North Jefferson building therefore are referred to as  the old building graduates and the classes that graduated starting in 1963 are referred to as the new or newer building graduates.  Click on this link for pictures of historic Rockville School Buildings.      

Below is a brief summary of information I found in newspaper clippings and files.  I believe it might provide a general overview of the history of the old building Alumni groups. I do not have much info on the classes older than the 1940's.  It appeared that the senior class presidents in the older days assumed responsibilities for the planning and coordination of reunions.  Not so, for classes in the late 40' and younger.  Probably in later years, most of the  class presidents were no longer living in the Rockville vicinity; then, computers came along.  I had a difficult time convincing some people living at a distance that computers would solve the distance problem of serving on a committee!   
Before the class of 1942 joined with a few other classes and before the '50's classes started meeting  together, each class had separate reunions at different times unless some of the older ones joined together periodically. For instance, I am enclosing a newspaper clipping about the October 3, 1998 reunion of classes 1935, 1936, 1937, and 1938.  Dr. Dennis Nicholas, president of the class of 1938 and Georgia Woodard were chairpersons as the 1938  group was the  host class.  The 1939 class president invited the classes to join them the next year to celebrate their 60th. I do not know the frequency of the older year reunions. 
It appeared the class of 1942 met routinely for years -- probably started after WWII.  Some of the members stayed in a motel or perhaps at Turkey Run Inn the previous night.  As the group became older, the reunion was scheduled during Saturday afternoon at Turkey Run Inn.  John Thomas served as the chairperson with his law office taking care of the mailings, etc.  I believe he must have been senior class president.  Enclosed you will find a letter (to be added soon) written in March, 2001, from John Thomas addressed to class representatives from 1940 through 1946. The group met on a Saturday afternoon at Turkey Run Inn.
The next info I have is another letter (to be added soon) to John Thomas on March 2003 about the Rockville High Reunion Classes of the 40's.  Indications are the 1942 class expanded it's reunion to include 7 classes in 2001 and then to all classes graduating during the 40's in 2003.  It would appear that the reunions were scheduled every 2 years by 2001 and 2003.  Sometime during these years, other persons in addition to John served as emcee.  I believe Glen Lenover from the Class of 1950 was one of them and then Norval Dixon assumed the responsibilities of chairperson with the help of his wife Pat.  Norval and Pat were in charge when all classes graduating from the old building were invited in 2005.  As I remember, the number of people attending had almost outgrown the room.  The maximum for the room was 200 but I believe more than 200 attended.  It was very difficult for us to hear and even though classes were seated close together, it was also difficult to talk with people other than those sitting near you. 
The next 40s reunion in 2007 followed the same procedures as the 2005 with Norval, Pat, and others in that age group assuming responsibility. The group approved meeting every 2 years and because Norval and Pat were relocating to Indianapolis, a new chairperson was needed.  Naturally, none of the older people wanted the job, and none of the younger people wanted it to be every 2 years.  As I remember Mary Catherine Barnes Overpeck 58' agreed to chair the reunion in 4 years but not 2.  With a little pressure from the group, Marilyn Neet Blakely 53' with the help of Myron '50 and Shirley Holler Martin '54, agreed to chair the reunion for 1 year only.  And so, the Martins and Blakely with help from a good committee put THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION - OLD ROCKVILLE HIGH SCHOOL together. Marilyn Neet Blakely  53' did the gathering and organizing of the info, Shirley Martin did the typing, and Myron Martin did the printing and binding.  (A typist was hired for the 1996 and 2001 booklets with Woodburn Printing assembling and printing the booklets.  The old high school drawing by Barbara Malone Flock '49 was used for the 1996 booklet and Marilyn Braner Wildman '51 made the cover for 2001.  The 2009 Reunion was scheduled at the "new" Rockville High School .
Note:  The cover for the 1996 book PRECIOUS MEMORIES was a project of Marilyn Neet Blakely,58' and so, she purchased  a copy of Barbara's Malone Flocks' '49 art work (of the old high school),  gave it to the printers, and was very pleased when she saw the results.  However, Marilyn awoke one night before the reunion and nearly jumped out of bed thinking she would be sued.  The booklets were all printed and no one - Marilyn - had requested permission from Barbara Flock to use her art work.  Living in Vigo County with the great number of attorneys, Marilyn thought all the work on the booklet was in vain, but with a red face she called Barbara the next day and explained what a blunder she had made. Expecting Barbara to be at least angry, Marilyn was shocked at Barbara's response. Barbara said something like, "Oh, I am honored to have you use my work!  How nice."  When asked what the charge would be Barbara responded that she would "not think of such a thing."  Of course, it was a great relief and with a load off her shoulders, Marilyn was proud to distribute the booklets.  That incident indicated the difference between people in Parke and Vigo counties.  People in Parke are more "laid back" and usually do not think of the legal rights, etc.  Vigo County has many, many attorneys and everyone is very aware of legal rights and difficulties if not followed.  Needless to say Barbara received a free booklet, many thank you notes, and Marilyn might still be paying on the bill owed Barbara if she had charged!
The combination of the reunions for the 1950's classes began with a request of Dorothy Neet Dungan, '55, in the summer of 1994 after Dorothy had attended her class reunion..  She asked her sister Marilyn 53' to bring it about and not realizing the time and work involved, Marilyn began the process in 1994 with letters, surveys, and a committee.  The first committee meeting was scheduled in July, 1995 at Marilyn's house.  (See the 1994 letters from Marilyn to class presidents (Joe Seip '55).  That started a labor of love for the committee members and contact with former schoolmates not heard from for years.  The committee was excellent but in eagerness, a bit more was planned than necessary which made the business meeting a little too long.  The meeting in Terre Haute at Larry Bird's Meeting Room, located south of the motel which later was purchased by Day's INN, provided an excellent meeting place -- plenty of space, good food, and good hospitality.  Many suggestions from former schoolmates resulted in a positive first 50's reunion.  Each person attending was given a booklet, PRECIOUS MEMORIES, listing all members of each class with a written message about each of their lives; a video of each person attending was made by David Zehr, class of '55; notepads with imprints of the old building distributed as favors; and several nice prizes distributed (framed paintings of the high school by Barbara Flock, a stained glass window hanging "big R"  in blue made especially for the reunion gifts, and several other items.)  Although the prizes were "prized" the evaluation was the process was too long, so prizes were deleted for future reunions.  Evaluations were distributed after the reunion.  About 40% were returned.  (See SUMMARY OF COMMENTS)
The planning for the reunion started out to be for the classes of 1951 thru 1956.   Mary catherine barnes Overpeck '58 approached Marilyn Neet Blakely 53 asking if the class of 58 could be included.  Marilyn thought it a good idea, if Mary Catherine could find someone to represent and also  include the class of 1957.   Mary Catherine Barnes Overpeck 58' contacted Mary Ann Bradfield Millspaugh 57' and the reunion was set.
The first Alumni Reunion of the 1950's Classes (class of 51 thru 58) was scheduled for July 13th, 14th 1996 at Larry Bird's Boston Connection Motel at Terre Haute. The outline of the program on the 14th was as follows:

4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.        Socialization
7:00 p.m.                              Dinner
Greetings/Invocation                            Tom A. McMurtry, Class of '53
Masters of Ceremonies                       Tom A. McMurtry/Gerald Lenover, both Class of '53
Memorials                                               Sue Trousdale Moody, Class of '56
Class of '51                                             Ray Harney, Senior Class President
Class of '52                                             Jerry McMillin, Senior Class President
Class of '53                                             Tom C. McMurtry, Senior Class President
Class of '54                                             Frank Swaim, Senior Class President
Class of '55                                             Dorothy Neet Dungan, Senior Class Secretary
Class of '56                                             George Tofaute, Senior Class President
Class of '57                                             Mary Ann Bradfield Millspaugh, Committee
Class of '58                                             Joe Hopkins, Senior Class President
Awarding of Rockville Memorabilia - Tom A. Murtry
Wrap-up                                                  Marilyn Neet Blakely
Marilyn's Notes: The program ended up being too long.  Memorabilia included framed pictures of Barbara Malone's drawing of the old high school, big R made into window glass.  Printing of a picture of the old Rockville High school on note pads were given as individual favors. David Zehr '55 video-taping each person attending the reunion.  No class pictures were taken.  Each alumni received a copy of - PRECIOUS MEMORIES. Friday night was reserved for individual classes to get together.  Not many of them scheduled anything.
Marilyn Neet Blakely '53 - Chairperson
Dorothy Neet Dungan '55
Ray Harney '51 and Linda Thompson Harney '56
Jerry McMillin '52 (Phyllis Martin Rutledge '52 substituted for Jerry most of the time)
Thomas A. McMurtry '53
Thomas C. McMurtry '53
Mary Catherine Barnes '58
Frank Swaim '54
George Tofaute '56 and Wanda Wood Tofaute '56
Special Acknowledgements
 - Martha Lang '52 for 'tracking down' schoolmates
 - Barbara Malone Flock '49 artist
 - David Zehr '55 for video-taping
The second reunion was scheduled at the Holiday Inn in Terre Haute on July 14 & 15th 2001. Seating was available for 400 people and the swimming pool area was available for the social hour.  These accommodations proved to be excellent.  George Tofaute, president of the class of '56 was emcee and the committee used suggestions from the 1996 reunion to make improvements.  The number of classes were expanded to include 1950 through 1961.   Mary Catherine Barnes Overpeck 58' helped Marilyn chair the reunion committee.  Many committee members from 1996 continued to help as well as representatives from the additional new classes.  Pictures were taken of each individual class, the booklet, DOORS TO MEMORIES, was expanded to include all the attending classes, and porcelain cups with the "old building" imprinted on them were given as favors.  The social hour with cash bar scheduled for 2 hours before the dinner was a big hit. A dance band played after the dinner.  A breakfast buffet was scheduled the next morning. It was agreed that the next reunion would be scheduled in 2006 but that was before the 40s group invited the 50's group to join together at  their next reunion at Turkey Run Inn in 2005.
The second multi-class reunion was scheduled 5 years later on July 14th and 15th, 2001 for all the classes of the 50's.  The Saturday dinner was at the Holiday Inn Hotel at Terre Haute.   Over 250 people attended.   George Tofoute was the MC.   A well attended breakfast was held there  at the Holiday Inn the following morning.   I believe it was the best reunion; however, most people wanted it moved to Turkey Run.   We could not move there because of lack of space to seat over 200 to 250.  Many people did not want to expand the reunion to include all classes of the 50's and were opposed to  establishing a Rockville Alumni Association. I was disappointed in the results of the survey because my initial goal was to establish a Rockville Rox Alumni Association.
We gave Rockville Rox pens and white  porcelain cups with the old Rockville School engraved on  them for favors, took class group pictures, and gave each alumni  member a copy of DOORS TO MEMORIES.  In addition, the band "Way Back Machine" provided music for dancing after the dinner and program.  Cynthia Harney Seybold served as treasurer throughout the reunions.  Many alumni sent money on their own for postage and other expenses.  We sold extra books, cups,  etc. We had a few hundred dollars in the account after the final reunion.  We contributed it to another group or organization and closed out our account.  Mary Catherine Overpeck would probably remember the group that received our left-over money.  I do not believe Cynthia Seybold would remember because of health problems.
Also, we had a Sunday breakfast and buffet at the Baptist church west of Rockville for those who wanted to attend.  It was well received.  The people who had stayed Saturday night appreciated getting to eat with friends before they left Rockville.
The committee in 2001 included Marilyn Neet Blakely and Mary Catherine Barnes Overpeck - chairpersons in addition to the following:
1950     Myron Martin
1951     Ray Harney and Carl Seybold
1953     Tom A. McMurtry
1954     Shirley Holler Martin and Cynthia Harney Seybold
1955     Kelly Price
1956     Linda Thompson Harney, George Tofaute, Wanda Wood Tofaute
1957     Dean White
1959     Sande Bemis
Special Acknowledgements:
Marilyn Braner Wildman '51, Artist
Cathy Whitesell, Typist
Note from Marilyn Neet Blakely '53:     I had several telephone conversations with Glen O'Laverty, Class of 1935 who lived in Bluffton, IN and with  the wife of Richard Shores, Class of 1935 who lived in California.   Glen and Richard were cousins and Glen lived with the Shores family.   The two alum wrote and composed the Rockville Fight Song.  Glen was quite interesting and shared many things about his school years at Rockville.  I had hoped he could attend one of our reunions but he had health problems at that time.  I am not certain when he died.  Mrs. Shores was quite helpful and shared Richard's love of Rockville High School  as well as his work as a composer in California.  I mailed both of them copies of our "books."
Glen and Richard's wife provided all the information when I wrote the HISTORY OF ROCKVILLE SCHOOL SONG.  My sister, Dorothy Neet Dungan, Class of 1955 wrote the music on page 8 of DOORS TO MEMORIES.  I am not sure it is written in the same key as Richards!
Marilyn's Money Making Project for 2001:
On her own, Marilyn Neet Blakely came up with the idea to give white drinking cups with the image of the old high school imprinted in blue for favors.  She figured if she purchased 1,000 cups, the favors could be given and the remainder would easily sell to people not attending the reunion; thus, money made could pay for the 1,000 in addition to having money left over for the treasurer.  The cups were well received, many people bought additional ones for friends and family, but the boxes of cups, left after the reunion, provided opportunities for Cynthia Harney to sell cups at the bank where she worked for a year, provided cups for Mrs. Dickerson (Dorothy's, '53, mother to sell at the Covered Bridge Festival, and provided cups to sell at the remainder of the 50's reunions.  Finally, the cups were sold and the treasurer had money for future reunions.  Not a bad idea, after all, when everyone became salespersons.  Nevertheless, committee members had smiles on their faces when "Marilyn's cups" were mentioned.
The third big reunion, and the first All Classes of the Old Building was held  May 19, 2007.   The following article appeared in the Parke County Sentinel:  May 30, 2007
Almost 200 Rockville High School Alumni and their guests attended the very first reunion open to all the graduates and classes graduating from the old high school building on North Jefferson Street.  The reunion was held Saturday, May 19, 2007 at the Turkey Run Inn.  Classes represented ranged from 1933-1961. (The Class of 1962 was accidentally not included because the alum in charge of invitations mistakenly thought the Class of 1961 was the  last class  to graduate from the old building.)    At the reunion, the Class of 1957 was celebrating their 50th Graduation Anniversary with 13 members and 10 guests present.
Visiting and getting reacquainted with former classmates occupied most of the afternoon, preceded by opening comments from Norval Dixon, '49, committee chairman.  Brief introductions of attendees, moments of reminiscences by Pat Crays Dixon, '48, comments of congratulations to all those born in the teens, 20's, 30's. and 40's, read by Carole Dowell Rust, '50, and a table blessing and prayer by Rev. Richard Martin '59 were presented prior to the serving of a buffet.
Following the dinner, a brief business meeting was conducted by John Thomas '42.  New officers and committee chairmen were selected:  Dorothy Neet Dungan '55 and her sister,  Marilyn Neet Blakely '53 and Shirley Holler Martin '54 were elected co-chairmen for the 2009 reunion, and Cynthia Harney
Seybold, '54 treasurer.  The next reunion will be held Saturday, June 20, 2009, at Turkey Run Inn.
Note from Marilyn Neet Blakely Class of 53:         The older class officers wanted younger classmates to assume responsibility and no one wanted to do it.   Because of the ages of those in the older classes, they wanted another reunion in 2 years.  None of us wanted to assume the task for 2 years.  So, Shirley Holler Martin '54 and Myron Martin '50 and I all agreed to work together for 1 year and Mary Catherine Barnes Overpeck '58 agreed to assume the chairperson role in the second year of the reunion. 
Even though the number of classes increased, it was interesting that the total number of persons attending the 2007 reunion was fewer than the numbers attending in the younger group in 1996 and 2001.  The smaller number probably was a result of some people who did not want the large number of classes to combine, the information about the reunion was sent by only one letter to each person, and of course, many people in the "older classes" had never been located.  I believe at our 2009 reunion, the Martins and I thought we had found everyone in all the classes from 1935 to 1962 except 13 people. The fun part was connecting with all those people. I had heard of most of them, but never had met them.  We had some interesting telephone conversations.  Many wanted to know how to connect with certain school friends and even gave me messages to relate to them when or if I called them. One lady in the class of 1935 was marked "deceased" on every paper I had.  I found her, talked to her son once, and then talked to her a long time at a later date.  She had lived in South Bend most of her life after she left Rockville.  She told me interesting stories and said she "loved" Rockville school.  We both were very sorry she could not attend.  I suspect she has since died.  Finding and talking to the people made the remainder of the work worthwhile.
The fourth reunion including all classes of the old high school building  was scheduled at the new high school building.  The social hour took place in the school halls near the cafeteria with the dinner and general meeting following in the tiered school cafeteria.  The seating levels caused problems for schoolmates on walkers and wheel chairs. Although the committee did not use the purchased insurance, the importance of having it was realized while assisting handicapped persons on the different levels.  Members of the National Honor Society assisted at the food lines helping those in need carry food to their tables etc. In addition, the NHS members conducted tours of the building for alumni who were in the building for the first time. National Honor Society members contributed their help for their community service projects.  Generally the reunion went well.  The directory covering classes 1935 to 1962 was well received.  Collecting the information by phone and postal mail was very rewarding. (Marilyn enjoyed conversing by phone with schoolmates as much or more than she did at the reunion.) The close work with Shirley Martin  54' and her husband, Myron Martin 50' was rewarding in itself. They were tremendous. Both gave an unbelievable amount of time, money and work to complete the project before the reunion.  All members of classes '35 to '62 were located with the exception of 13.  Two or three of the 13 have since been located.  A display of school memorabilia lined the halls. Several alumni attended the social hour but did not attend the dinner.  A DVD prepared with the hard work and direction of Dawn Mitchell, high school counselor, was the highlight of the meeting.  Pictures and information taken from yearbooks with appropriate background music provided a high interest and enthusiasm among the attendees.  The disks were on sale after the meeting.  The staff at Rockville High School were a great help. Entering the building and working with the staff was impressive.   High Schhol Councelor Dawn Mitchell and her mother both attended the reunions and give freely of their personal time.  Marilyn was proud that she graduated from Rockville!
The reunion  on June 20, 2009 was originally scheduled to be held at Turkey Run, however the expected number were higher than the  capacity of their largest facility.  Mary catherine Barnes made arrangements for the location of the 2009 reunion to be held in the cafeteria/auditorium at the new high school building on N. Beadle St.  The reunion started with a breakfast at the Rockville Baptist Church so only refreshments were served at the actual reunion.  Mary catherine Barnes Overpeck class of 1958 was the chair person.
In June  of 2009, an Old school Alumni Roster Book was published covering the classes from 1935 thru 1962.   The project was headed up by Marilyn Neet Blakely, Class of 1953.  Marilyn personally called almost every person in the book to gather correct information such as address, phone numbers, email addresses and date of death of the deceased.       Myron Martin class of 1950 and his spouse, Shirley Holler Martin, class of 1954 did the typing and the printing of the Old School Roster Book.
During a luncheon held at Benjamines in January 2010, the Roxalumni.com committee proposed to  representatives of the Old School Building that that the two become one after the next Old School Reunion that would be held on June 18, 2011.
The Final Rox Alumni "Old School" All Class Reunion 2011
The final reunion of the Old Rockville High School alumni occurred on June 18, 2011 in the new gym at Rockville High School Building. Fewer alumni with guests attended with 179 registering.  The smaller number probably was attributed to the shorter length of time since the 2009 reunion with several more schoolmates deceased within the 2 years.  Mary Catherine Barnes Overpeck '58 served as chairperson and Phillip Garrigus '68 was emcee.  The three Classes celebrating their 50th, 60th, and 70th graduation anniversaries were honored.  The reunion followed the routines and agendas of previous meetings with the exception of the special  invitation of the four committee members from the more recently formed  "RoxAlumni.com " Association.     The Committee composed of Max Higgs '68, Phillip Garrigus '68, Rene Summerville  Jacobson 71" and Bill Hill 66' gave an overview of the proposed merger of the old school alumni with the newer school web based alumni for future reunions and activities.  The younger group from the newer high school under the direction of Max Higgs 68' had formed during the recent years and "all classes" annual reunions and had been taking place for the last few years along with the creation of  "The Rockville Alumni Hall Of Fame" by Max Higgs 68', Phil Garrigus 68' and Bill Hill 66'.     Bill Hill 66'  acknowledged  that "the  previous booklets, annuals and the 1935-1962 Directory of the old school graduates helped provide invaluable information for the Roxalumni.com  website being developed on the Internet by the younger group.  The Roxalumni.com committee at the meeting expressed that the new Roxalumni.com website and Annual All Class Reunions were "all class inclusive" from its inception and hence an open arm acceptance to assimilate the activities of two groups.  And so as they say,  the rest is recent history.
It was decided that the Old School Alumni Association would assimilate into the newly formed All Classes Roxalumni.com Website Association.  Mary Catherine Barnes Overpeck 58' invited the Roxalumni  website Committee members, Max Higgs and Phil Garrigus class of 68, Bill Hill class of 66, and Rene Summerville Jacobson Class of 1971 to be MC and speakers.   School Counselor   Dawn Mitchell took professional photos of each class.  The class photos can be viewed in the Photo gallery section under the heading and link   -Reunion 2011 Old School.
Special Note from Marilyn:  The original goal of my younger sister Dorothy' Neet Dungan 55' was to see friends from all other classes that did not attend her 1955 class reunions.  Marilyn Neet Blakely 53' goal was to work toward forming an All School Alumni Association.  Although the route to the ending was a bit different than Marilyn expected, the end goal with help from Max Higgs 68'  and the Roxalumni.com website committee was finally realized!  It worked out well because the initial committee of the old school knew it was time to retire!!!