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August 30, 2015

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April 15, 2015

Rockville Pool Renovation Will Begin; Funds Needed
By Mark Spelbring Sentinel Reporter
The pool project is a go! The Rockville Town Council voted unanimously April 11 to approve additional funding up to
$75,000 and move forward with the swimming pool renovation right away. Town Park Board members hope it can be
open by early July. Despite higher costs than expected, meaning more funds were needed, council members, park
board members and citizens agreed the outpouring of support from the community that raised 50% of the total project
cost made it workable for the town. Fundraising will continue, so the full $75,000 authorized by the town may not be
needed. Graves Plumbing, who had submitted the only viable bid for the project, will be contacted immediately to
begin the renovation work.
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Sentinel Reporter
Total amount of dollars needed to be raised for the renovation of the Beechwood Park Pool is $350,000 plus. Total
raised through April 13 is $325,810.94. If you would like to make a donation you may send your check to the Parke
County Community Foundation, P.O. Box 276, Rockville, IN 47872. Be sure to mark it for the pool project. Or you
might drop it off there at 115 N. Market Street here in Rockville.

All Four Bids For Rockville Pool Renovation Higher Than Budget

By Mark Spelbring Sentinel Reporter
April 1, 2015
The Rockville Town Council and Park and Recreation Board held a special meeting March 19 to open bids
for the pool project, with high bids raising serious concerns. Cecil Whitaker of Whitaker Engineering had
estimated the project at $341,200. Four bids were received, with only one even close to the project estimate.
The first bid was $499,000, followed by one at $493,000, and the third was $537,800. The final bid of $393,393
came from Graves Plumbing Company, which Cecil Whitaker said was from Terre Haute, but which is actually
based in Switz City. Whitaker spoke highly of Graves and their work. He took the bids for further study and
agreed to report back to the Council and Board in a couple weeks. He said it might be possible to work with
Graves to remove some items from the project or other arrangements such as having the town install some of
the equipment on their own to lower the cost. Two other concerns were raised. One was why Spear Corporation,
who had been working with the town to study the pool and help determine how to proceed but did not bid on the
project. Another was the fact public projects over $350,000 fall under the state common construction wage law,
and there was another discussion on how project costs might be reduced to get below that threshold. 

The current total for Pool Fundraising is $317,527.56. 
The Park Board was notified in late November that we had to advertise for bids (because of the scope of this project) through a more complex process which required that we hire an engineering firm to prepare the bid specifications. This design bid process has set us back in time; however, we are also reassured that we have done due diligence in making sure that this project is done right. THIS IS NOT OUR COMMUNITY SHOVEL PROJECT LIKE OUR DADS UNDERTOOK IN THE 1950's because of all the state regs that have evolved in the last 50 years and the 2015 building costs.

Throughout these weeks in December, January into FEBRUARY, these bid specs have been being prepared and have been approved by our park board, working hand-in-hand with Brad Bumgardner, from our Foundation, Parke Swaim from our town council, and our town attorney Mike Stites. Chad Gordon, Rockville's town superintendent, has been working with Whitaker Engineering in Indianapolis in advising them as to water system and electrical elements that will be necessary in the building project. 
Last week we were able to advertise bids for the pool. The date to have these bids returned is March 19 at 6:00 PM. The park board will be reviewing these bids that evening and will be awarding the project to the winning bidder. We will make certain that each bid follows the bid specs to the letter, comparing apples to apples' specifics as detailed by Whitaker Engineering, The bid we accept will allow us to open asap this summer We will not have the completion date until we scrutinize these bids and choose the construction firm. Last fall, the pump house was demolished and Mike Sassin is donating the new 20 x 20' pump house; he and Chad Gordon will be building this as soon as the pool bid is awarded. Whitaker Engineering has also worked with Chad to make certain that this building follows all code and interfaces with the electrical and plumbing needs as well.

We are still fundraising to be able to include the covered slide. We are receiving donations until we are able to cover the $63,000 that the covered slide will cost. When we receive the bids, then we will be able to see if we have raised enough to add the slide. We are having the hardware that will allow the slide to be added installed to allow for it to be added later. However, our hope is that we will be able to add it in the initial phase as it will be a draw to the pool fun!
We received $18,000 one day two weeks ago and are hoping that as we get closer to the bidding that we will be receiving further new donations.

Keep the faith and reach out to your friends to continue the phenomenal monetary response that our current community and former members of our community have made. It is evident by this response of the amount of appreciation, respect, and love that our citizens have for Parke County.


Jon Bonomo '74 - Facebook Posting
September 3, 2014
If I have my figures right the pool fund is now at $322,638.71!
$249,523.00 at the foundation + Rockville Elementary School $13,115.71 + Town of Rockville $60,000.00 = $322,638.71!
We are getting closer every day!
Jon Bonomo '74 - Facebook Posting
June 3, 2014

Just back from a meeting on the pool. Lots of good ideas to keep the momentum going. Also looking at long-term improvements as time wages on. Here is the lowdown on the $380,000.00 needed to complete the renovation and improvements to the pool.  There has been $172,788.00 collected to date. Now add whatever you're contributing, and we are getting closer and closer!  If you just donated $12.00 then we would have $172,800.00. See what a little can do? The town is planning to add more as funds become available. If community support continues at this rate, there are things on the wish list such as landscaping and shaded structures to provide relief from the sun in addition to upgrading and making the bath house ADA compliant. The town's contribution is $104,000 to date.  The Parke County Community Foundation has contributed $25,000.00, the rest are pledges of private contributions. Thanks for your support buddy and getting it on the Alumni page. I am confident that will reap big dividends in the near future.

Sande Bemis '59 - Beechwood Park Board

Latest pool fund total: $190,662.62. Keep those donations coming. Thanks for every penny!!!!!

We have received a donation of materials and labor from Mike Sasin at Ace Hardware to build a  20' x 20' structure over the new below ground pump house in addition to the funds that Jon referenced in his Facebook post.  Chad Gordon has volunteered to help Mike in the fall with this project, and they would very much appreciate any volunteer labor when they begin work.  We will be painting and upgrading the pool house and will be needing volunteers to work on that as well

We also will be receiving a $5,000+ yearly endowment that will help kids and adults receive Red Cross swimming lessons, help students who qualify for assistance with admission, and provide sunscreen protection to protect our youngsters who arrive at the pool without sunscreen.  We want to promote aerobics in the mornings for our fitness guys and gals

The Class of 1964 is celebrating their 50th Reunion this year and are striving to make a substantial donation to the pool fund.  The class of 1964 were members of the first swim team at the pool.  They broke pool records at the Greencastle Windy Hills Country Club when they competed against their club.  If your class would like to pledge to the pool fund or if you would like to pledge a personal gift, help us "pay it forward" for the young people in Parke County like our parents did for us, if you have any questions about the pool, please feel free to call, text, or email me at or 765-366-1487.  If you would like to volunteer labor or time, please let us know.  The pool committee volunteers will be a presence at the Parke County fair, the 12th Annual Athletic Alumni Golf Outing, and at the 9th Annual Rockville Alumni All-School Reunion.  This would be a great time to make a pledge or a donation.