Website Diary Facts and Figures

The website was created on 02/02/2009 by Max Higgs   Class of 1968

By 4-25-09   200 alumni had registered.

Estimated alumni still living as of 6-2-09:   Approx. 4,468

Estimated alumni still living that are eligible for medicare that graduated from the old high school:  100%

Snowball Invitation Express  is initiated on 5-10-2009 asking each registered alumni to notify and invite their classmates, former teachers, alumni friends and relatives  and all alumni email contacts to join.

By 7-17-09 the word has started to spread and 700 alumni had registered.

In June 2009,  the 10,000th website hit person was Nancy Thomas RHS 1971    

By 7-20-09 the website reached 12000 website hits Hall of Fame  was officially established at the  4th All Class Reunion,  Saturday July 25, 2009  at Clark's Banquet Hall by Bill Hill  RHS 66 and Max Higgs RHS 68. 


First inductees are  former Supt. Russell Garrigus and  former Supt. Dr. Larry Gambaiani.   Pictured  above are  Russell's children, Phil Garrigus (68) and Carol Garrigus Coleman (65) along with Larry and Helen Gambaiani accepting their awards and plaque.




 On August 14, 2009 the committee presented the first website alumni donation to the grade school and high school.

On December 7, 2009 at 6:00 a.m.   25,000 website hits were reached.    25,000th website hit alum was Nancy Thomas RHS 71.  Nancy was also the 10,000th  website hit person.


 On December 19th, 2009 the website reached  1,000 registered alumni. That person was Jeff Crowder  Class of  1983


Website statistics as of Dec 26, 2009  
We went to each class roster and wrote down the number of IN MEMORY.
From 1900 thru 1929 (30 years) there are 752 graduates listed, all entered in In Memory.
From the 30's there are 338 additional deaths, increasing the total  to 1090.
From the 40's there are 221 additional  deaths, increasing the total to 1311.
From the 50's there are 206 additional deaths, increasing the total to  1517.
From the 60's there are 173 additional deaths, increasing the total to  1690.
From the 70's there are  45 additional deaths, increasing the total to   1735.
From the 80's there are  20 additional deaths. increasing the total to   1755.
From the 90,s there are   8 additional deaths, increasing the total to   1763.
There are no known deaths from the classes  from 2000 thru 2009.
As of today Dec 26, 2009:
There are 1015 alumni listed as alive and registered.
There are  an additional 3451 alumni listed as alive but not registered.
There are 1763 alumni listed as deceased and in the  IN MEMORY section starting with the class of 1900.  (not counting the alum of 1888  located in the 1900 roster page) . 
This means, as best as we can tell, there have been approximately 6229 graduates since 1900.  Obviously this is not 100% accurate since we have added non graduate former classmates to some of the rosters.  Maybe about 9.
We estimated that the average  graduation size of the classes from 1876 thru 1899 to be about 9 or 10, making a number of pre- 1900 graduates to about  200 to 230.
  This raises the approximate number of Rox Alumni that graduated from a  12 grade system from 1876 thru 2009 to around  6430..
As of Dec 26, 2009:
All alumni graduating in 1929 and prior are thought to be deceased simply due to age.
There are 30 alumni believed to be living from the classes of the 1930 thru 1939.
There are 134 additiional believed to be living from the classes of  1940 thru 1949. 
 Elizabeth F. Farrington Tyler, Class of 1930,  passed away  March 4, 2010 at the age of 98. 
As of March 4, 2010 Frances Kent Schrader,  (Greg Schrader's  RHS 68, mother) is the oldest known alumni alive and is thought to be  the only known  survivor from the class of 1932 at the age of 95.   Marian Platter   Alexander is the only known survivor from the class of 1933.  There are no known survivors from the class of 1934 and three known living alumni  from the class of 1935.  Visit the Most Senior Living Alumni section to view living alumni age 90+.
All graduates from 1962 and prior from the old high school building  would be a minimum age of 65 and  would now be eligible to be  covered by Medicare Healthcare.
As of this date, there have been no reported deaths to the website  committee from all 10 classes since 2000.
The oldest class that shows no deaths within it's  website roster is 1983 followed by 1985 and 1986. 
The most recent graduating  class reporting a death is the class of 1999.  Doug Jeffries died in an auto accident Feb. 7, 2004.
Some of the latest alumni deaths include Don Lucas RHS 42, Willaim Collings RHS 44,  Evelyn Hartman Busenbark RHS 42, Bill Nickle RHS  70 and Linda Thompson Harney RHS 56.  

On January 23, 2010 the Hall of Fame Plaque is presented to the Supt. by Max Higgs  and Bill Hill at the  First Website Hall of Fame Basketball game.



On June 26, 2010 at 9:47 p.m. Nancy Thomas, Class of 1971 became the 40,000th website hit.  Unbelievably, Nancy was also the 10,000th hit and the 25,000th hit.

On Sunday Aug 15, 2010 Wanda Brown, Class of 68 became the 45,000th website hit. 

Danny Kerr , Class of 1962 became the 50,000th website hit.

In January  2011 Richard Shores, Class of 1935  and Tom McMurtry, Class of 1953 were inducted into the Rockville High School Hall of Fame. 

In January.2012 Nina Nelson, Class of 1963  and Jim Jerome, Class of 1943 were inducted into the Rockville Hall Of Fame.

On February 11, 2012 there are a total of 1381 registered on the website.

Last weekend the website hit a Major Milestone in website hits within the very month of Febuary in which it was started 36 months ago.  We hit the big 100,000 hit mark.  Congratulations to Connie Martin Bridge, Class of 1981.  Right place, right time. 

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