How To Become A Member of Our Website

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Feel free to look around our website, but to be able to view other classmate profile pages, send or receive messages,  you need to become a member by clicking on the light blue  "Classmate Profiles"  under the green LOG ON button to your right on the home page.  Membership is FREE........ so there is nothing to lose and it just takes a few minutes to complete your profile.  Your name must first show in your class, teacher or guest  roster  to be in our database before you can create your profile and register in.  If you so choose, you can check a box at the bottom of your profile that your address,  phone number, and date of birth NOT be visable to others.  YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NEVER SHOW.   For system security reasons, however, we need to be able to identity you so YOU MUST ANSWER THE SECURITY QUESTION AND INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS BEFORE YOUR PROFILE CAN BE ACTIVATED.  After you fill out your profile page it must then be ACTIVATED onto the website by a  committee member before you can view other classmate/teacher profile pages (and send them messages) and before others can view yours(or send messages to you).  ONCE AGAIN, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NEVER SHOW.

If your name does not come up with your classmates, please "Contact Us" located in menu on the left and give us your name, email, phone number and year of graduation and we will  immediately get you in our database and your name entered into your class roster.  Then you can fill out your profile page and as soon as it is activated by a committee member you may view classmate  and teacher profile pages.  You must include your graduation year and your email address or we won't know in which class to enter your name and no way to let you know  that your name has been entered.  We must then activate your profile page before it becomes visable to others on the website.

If you are not an alumni, teacher or administrator of RHS, you may request to be listed in the Guest Profile section and have your own profile page.  This priveledge will allow you to visit all the sites within the website.  Click on "Contact Us" and give us your name, phone number, email address and your affiliation with Rockville and/or the high school.  If you were a former student, please advise what year you would have graduated had you continued attending RHS and we will add you to the proper class roster along side of your  former classmates. Once we add your name, you can then go back and fill out a profile page and as soon as  it is activated you may then visit other classmates profile pages.

Come back often as our web site grows and reconnect.......... 


The Rox Alumni Website Committee







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