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NCP Consolidation Information Posting 9/18/15

Indiana University CEEP - Changes In Indiana School Funding (2015-2017 Biennium) 5-1-15

This analysis gives an excellent breakdown of Indiana schools funding (by school) and enrollment projections through 2017.  The data was provided by the schools to the state and downloaded by IU CEEP from the Indiana House Republicans on 5/1/15.

Items of note:

  • Total NCP enrollment for 2014 consisted of 757 Rockville students (59.6% of NCP total) and 514 Turkey Run students (40.4% of NCP total). We expect to see further declines in enrollment when the 2015 student count is taken later this month. (From NCP Consolidation Posting 9/18/15 above.)
    • CEEP NCP enrollment projections: 2015 - 1262, 2016 - 1276, 2017 - 1270 +.6%
    • CEEP North Vermillion projections: 2015 - 712, 2016 - 681, 2017 - 666 -6.5%
    • CEEP Attica projections:                  2015 - 753, 2016 - 729, 2017 - 704 -6.5%
  • North Central Parke Community School Corporation was established on January 1, 2013.... the new corporation had a general fund balance of $1,960,975.00. Turkey Run School Corporation contributed $1,528,693.00 and Rockville Community Schools contributed $432,282.00.....  (From NCP Consolidation Posting 9/18/15 above.)
    • CEEP annual state funding projections to each school: Rockville $5,074,171 - Turkey Run $3,445,342.  (Rockville bringing in $1,628,829 more state funding annually to NCP.)
  • NCP state funding per child is scheduled to increase from $6,703 To $6,891 ($188 increase) 2015-2017.

    Rockville School Building Corp. 2006 – 2020 Maturity- $2,720,000

    Turkey Run First Mortgage Bonds, 2005 – 2025 Maturity $4,053,103

    Rockville School Building Corp. 2014 RVHS Refinanced Bond – 2027 Maturity $7,552,000

    Total $14,325,103

The missing link to all of this is each school's expenses and cash flow.

NCP Consolidation/Parent Portals

By: Jana Crites

North Central Parke Community Schools has created two new response portals to allow parents, community members, and interested patrons to provide input to the Board of School Trustees.

The first portal is to allow you to make comments, ask questions, offer opinions, etc. about school consolidation.  You can find the link to the portal by navigating to the Corporation section on the left side of this webpage and clicking on NCP Consolidation Community Input form.  Any comments you make will be viewed by the board of trustees members.  Your input will give them additional information to help support a decision about the future of the school corporation.

The second portal is a link to allow you to provide comments, and suggestions about any aspect of North Central Parke Schools.  You can also find this link in the Corporation section on the left side of this webpage and clicking on the NCP Parent/Community Portal.  The administration and board members will view your comments and follow up as needed to address your concern.

Posted Monday, Sep 14th, 2015


NCPCSC has placed a link on the left side of the home page in the section labeled Corporation.  Information will be placed here as it becomes available regarding the ongoing consolidation discussions and meetings.

Posted Friday, Aug 28th, 2015

July 1, 2015

Trib Star Article - Rockville - Turkey Run Consolidation Article - Public Meeting

Wabash Valley school districts making tough cuts as enrollments fall

Monday, June 15, 2015

November 7, 2012

Parke County election 2012

ROCKVILLE — A majority of Parke County voters selected Mitt Romney as their president by a vote of 4,228 to President Barack Obama’s 2,106 votes, while the governor’s race went to Mike Pence with 3,366 votes to John Gregg’s 2,818 votes.

In the ballot question of whether the school districts of Rockville and Turkey Run should be combined into one district78.69 percent of the 2,440 votes cast by Rockville voters were in favor of the move, while 58.77 percent of the 1,436 votes case by Turkey Run voters were in favor of the move.

Links For More Information On The Rockville-Turkey Run Reorganization

The Reorganization Plan - January 16, 2012