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Motel Forrest   -
868 N Lincoln Rd, Rockville -
(765) 569-5250



Parke Bridge Motel   -

304 E Ohio St, Rockville - (765) 569-3525

Rated 4.3 out of 5.0







SERVICE STATIONS:  Swaim's Circle Inn-Phillips 66, DX Station,  Sinclair Station, Imperial Station,  500 Platoline,  The Deep Rock Station, Borden's Shell Station, Hoosier Court Motel & Standard Station, Batty's Log Cabin, Boyd's Shell, Kerr Station, Sunoco, Martin's, Brown's.

GROCERS: Hendricks Grocery,  Bonomo’s Grocery, Batman’s Grocery, Rogers, Grocery, Clark's Groceries, Grab-It-Here Grocery,  Lee Brothers Grocery,  Fielder’s Grocery,  Thomas Brothers Grocery,   Krogers, Oakley Grocery, HOME DELIVERY Omar Bakery,  Whitesell Dairy, Spencer’s Dairy, Gallo's IGA.  

MOTORS & MACHINES:   Jacks and Jacks Motors, John Alden Ford, Paul Lucas Used Cars, Lewis' International Harvester Miller Pontiac,  Cummings & Flock Implement, James' Chevrolet, RTC Auto Parts, Andy's Tires, Mel’s Frame and Alignment, Mike's For Pumps    

PREPARED FOOD:   The Blue Room Cafe, The Beechwood Park Cafe, White Horse Cafe,  Dairy Frost,  Dog 'n Suds, Tastee Freeze, Mignon Restaurant, Eddie Cantor Grill, Farners Pastime Café,  Gladys Murray’s restaurant,  Lamp Post Cafe, Brass Lantern, Parke Restaurant, Seville’s Restaurant, Sparky’s, Candy Kitchen, Benjamin's,  Pizza Hut,  Sunshine Pizza, Uptown Pizza. Kelley Drug store.

,TONSORIAL ARTISTS: Skelton Barber Shop, Brownies Barber Shop,  Bill Hill's Barber Shop, Lucas Barber Shop, Criswell Barbershop, Beauty Shops.  Claude Linker Shoe Repair, Shelby Shoe Repair.  

DRUGGISTS: Hardesty Drug Store, Kelley's drug store, Clearwater Drugs,  Insley Drugstore, Tofaute Drugstore,  Bains Drugstore, Dales Pharm.  

IF THE DRUGS DIDN’T WORK:  Bransons /(Gooch) Funeral Home,/ Tudor Funeral Home/, Mau  Funeral Home,  Tudor & Herrick Funeral Home , Barnes Funeral Home,    

MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS:  Buck Welch DDS,  Dr. Richard Bloomer,  Dr. Merrell,  Dr. Harsted, Dr. BeBe,  Dr. Harold Koenig, Dr. Knight,  Russell Veterinarian Clinic, Dr. Nelson Golden   

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS:  Rockville National Bank (Old National Bank), Parke State Bank, (First Bank), Beneficial Finance  

HARDWARE & BUILDING:  Overpecks Hardware, Furniture and Appliances, Fryberger Hardware, Barr Hardware, Noblitt’s Hardware, Western Auto, Cramer & Hartman Construction,  Tofaute Paint & Wallpaper, Wilson Paint & Wallpaper, Myers Lumber, Ferguson Lumber Mill,   Wm. E Davis Architecht    

SPECIALTY MERCHANTS:  Jaco Book store,   Lohrmann's Jewelry Store, Herricks Locker Plant,  Bob & Ray Television Repair, Drugstore Planning,  Phil Noblitt Antiques, Shore's Coca Cola Bottling Plant, Noblitt’s Music Store,  Workman’s Music Store, Master Mix Feeds, Rockville Monument, Bennett Photography, Upp Photography, Burnetts Photography, Old Forge Gift Shop,  Rockville (?) Shoe Shop,   Rockville Ice House,  Country Cousins Gift Shop & Art Gallery,  Rockville Tribune, Rockville Republican,  Hale Abstracts,  Harley Spencer Insurance, Rockville Packing House, Rockville Flower Shop,  Busenbark Insurance,  Funks  Seed,  Hunnicutt Jewelery,  Hillcrest Jewelry,  Skelgas , REMC. ATT. Herrick Meat Packing Bradburn Ins., Andrew/Wimmer Ins.  State Farm Ins.  Farm Bureau Ins., Drive-In.  Ritz Theatre

CONVEYANCE: Pennsylvania Railroad, Hartman Trucking,  Kilburn Taxi Service, Carpenter Taxi Service, Greyhound Bus Service  

ATTORNEYS:  Hanner and Dowd Law Firm,  John McFaddin Law Office, Samuel Puett Law Office,  Warren Buchanan Law Firm.       

ENTERTAINMENT & LEISURE: The Avalon,  Jungle Park,  Overmeyer’s Deer Park,  Family Drive-In Theater,  Mayfair Tavern , Rockville Skating Rink,   Rockville Boat Shop,  Alexander-Carey Theaters (Ritz Theater-Bud Washburn era 1926-1969)   Chet Ball Hobby Shop, Rockville Bowling Alley, 

LODGING: Parke Hotel, Rainey Motel, Peck’s Motel, Rockville House, Billie Creek Inn, Forrest Motel, Parke Bridge Motel

GENERAL RETAILERS: Delkamps,  G. C. Murphy,  Sutherland Dry Goods,  Tofaute Dry goods, B&B Discount & Childcare, Ben Franklin 5 & 10

CLOTHIERS & APPAREL CARE  A & M cleaners, Martin Cleaners,  Smith’s Clothing, Cut Price Clothing,  Mardell’s,  The Latchstring,  Allen's cleaners (A & M Cleaners.) Cook Cleaners.

Submitted by Andy Snowen  July 21, 2009   

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