Fellow RHS Alumni Profiles (Year Unknown)

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Class Of 1865 (Ladies)   
Honor Roll 1894   
* Bellmore (Log Schoolhouse)   
* Bellmore (P. D. Johnson Sch…   
Jim & Rhonda Foster
Sharon Lawhorn
Sharon Lough (Musson)
Judy Penn (Akers)
Tom Rohr
Sandra Willhite (Cook)

Guest Members

Brad Bumgardner
Domenick Fiorda
Doug Glaser  
Mary Jo Harney
Max & Wanda Hartman   
Tara Hass
Stephany Hill (Dowd)  
Mary Ann Jones
Rich Keller   
John & Kimba Knight  
Sandra Lough (Richter)
Connie Marshall (Thompson)
Gini McCullough   
John Jay & Kim Minderman (Guests)   
John Moss
L. Michael Neeley   
Diana Ruark
Gini Sampson   
Laurence Seits    
John & Colleen Tucker   
James "Jim" VanDerMark   
Debra Winn
Alberta Wysong

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