Fellow RHS Alumni Profiles (1985)

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     Military Service: 6
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Class Of 1985 (Annual Cover)    
Class Of 1985 (Elementary)   
Tim Baggerly
John Barrett
Todd Bartlett   
Mary Elizabeth Bemis (Bumgardner)   
Kathy Bergner (Judy)  
Tony Buck   
Shelcy Burks (Burks)   
Cindy Byrd
Lisa Cameron (Davidson)   
Angie Carlton (Suski)   
Shelly Carpenter (Girdler)   
Monica Carr
Frank Clark
Gary Cooper
Lisa DuVall
Jamie Eiler
Perry Faulds
Sean Flanigan
Amy Foreman (MacAbee)   
Ben Gilmore  
Steve Gordon
Mary Gregg (Insley)   
Donna Grimes   
Megan Harney
Kevin Harris   
Beth Harry (Hills)   
Judy Hill (Lorenze)   
Robin Kilburn (Maloney)    
Cameron Killen     
Monty King
Laura Lash (Brzegowy)
Shawn Lippencott   
Angie Matthews (Stowe)   
Seth Mauseth
Tony McCammon
Mary McIntyre
Tim Mendenhall
Todd Mendenhall
Lance Meschen    
David Miller
Michele Miller
Cheryl Oberholtzer
Tammy Osborne
Bill Padan
James Peacock   
Mike Robinson    
Lisa Ross
Stan Sadusky
Theresa Schlomer
Trenton Schneider    
Stephanie Scott
Maggie Shapely
Chris Shaw
Leslie Shell
Mike Snapp
Tami Spangler   
DuWayne Spencer
Brad Staggs   
Steve Stewart
Solomon Thompson
John Tucker  
Terry Warmouth
Scott White    
Maripatt Wilburn (Bryant)
Chadd Wilson   
Charles Wilson    

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