Fellow RHS Alumni Profiles (1967)

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Class Of 1967 (Athletics)   
Class Of 1967 (Band)   
Class Of 1967 (Royalty)   
Class Of 1967 (Activities)   
Class Of 1967 (Cheer Leaders)   
Class Of 1967 (Scrapbook)   
Class Of 1967 (Elementary)   
Class Of 1967 (Cover)
Barbara Akers (Schouten)
Janet Akers (Crooks)   
Elaine Albrecht (Adams)    
Bill Ames
Phillip Asbury     
Tom Ayres   
Kathy Baldwin
Elizabeth Barnhart (Morrow)   
Janet Batman (Swander)    
M. R. "Mouse" Berry    
Bill Bettis
Sue Ann Bousman
Steve Brattain
Janet Burris
Catherine Byers
Jim Carnine
Jennifer Case (Holland)   
Vickie Collier (Noel)   
John Collings    
Ralph Collings    
Dale Cooper  
John Cooper
Susan Cox   
Marilyn Davis (Monts)   
Barbara Deen (Ferguson)   
Ivan Doan   
Betty Jo Fisher (James)   
Nancy Fowler
Dennis Garrigus     
Roseanna Harmless (Spencer)   
Vance Harney
Dan Harrison (Harrison)   
Richard Hartman
John Hays
Ralph Heifner    
Richard Dick Hill   
James Honeycutt   
Jack Hopkins
Marion Howard
Charles Jacks  
Marta Keen
Bob Lang
Jayne Lucas (Sanders)     
Cynthia Martin
Bill Massey
Mickey Mathas
Carol Montgomery (Klutts)  
Jerry Monts    
Jim Moore
Lucinda Morton
Tom Myers     
Donald Nasser  
Nancy Nelson
Robert Newton   
Joe Olson    
Maria Pastore
Carolyn Phipps (Moore)
Paula Pickett (Howe)
Phyllis Poland
Naomi Reedy
Brenda Richey (Hill Leighty)   
Lucinda Smith    
Randy Smith (Smith)     
Larry Sowers   
Debby Spencer (McKinney)   
Richard E Spurr     
Carol Swaim (Mellay)   
Valena Swaim (Clauss)   
Patricia Sykes (Copeland)   
Susie Teschmacher   
Cecilia Thornton
Jim Tolin   
Eric Trousdale   
Karen Vaught
Mary Welch (Rankin)
Diana Whitlock
Sally Wilhite
Martha Woodard
Li-Hsiang Yu

Guest Members

George & Margie Cox Leamnson    

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