Fellow RHS Alumni Profiles (1934)

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     In Memory: 43
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 9
     Military Service: 2


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1 1934
12 1934
15 1934
2 1934
22 1934
30 1934
7 1934
Class Of 1934 (Class Picture)   
Class Of 1934 (Bellmore)   
Max Alkire  
B1 B1 (Bellmore)  
B10 B10 (Bellmore)  
B11 B11 (Bellmore)  
B2 B2 (Bellmore)  
B3 B3 (Bellmore)  
B4 B4 (Bellmore)  
B5 B5 (Bellmore)  
B6 B6 (Bellmore)  
B7 B7 (Bellmore)  
B8 B8 (Bellmore)  
B9 B9 (Bellmore)  
Helen Barker  
Genevieve Burk (Bellmore Fac. )  
Bessie Burkett  
Evelyn Rose Burnett
Hubert Clark   
Beatrice Collings (Bellmore Fac. )  
Kenneth Cook
Thelma Cronk (Dooley)  
Robert L. Dean  
Ruth E. Engles  
Anna Finnegan (Bellmore Fac. )  
Ernest Fisher
James "Jim" Milton Forrest   
Homer Grubb  
Chas. Wm. (Bill) Harrison  
John E. Havey    
Wilma Hite
Edwin Hodge  
James R. Hudson   
Lucreta Jones
Joe H. Lang
Mary Mankin  
J. Everett Martin   
Elizabeth "Betty" Meeks
John W. Monts  
Sara Virginia Morris (Johnson)   
Frank W. Odell
Jean O'Haver (Glen)   
Mary V. O'Haver  
Kenneth Overpeck   
Raymond F. Overpeck   
Barret Dale Porter  
Iva Louise Rardin  
Jesse Sadler  
George E. Sappenfield  
Clyde Shaw (Bellmore Princ. )  
William D. Shonkwiler
Dorothy R. Smith  
George T. Surber  
Ruby F. Turner
Ruth M. Turner
Max Welch   
Yvonne Wood

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