Fellow RHS Alumni Profiles (1930)

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     Profile contains photos: 8
     In Memory: 36
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 9


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Class Of 1930 (Sports)   
Class Of 1930 (Band)   
Class Of 1930 (Faculty)
Class Of 1930 (Activities)
Class Of 1930 (Scrapbook)   
Class Of 1930 (Dedication)   
Class Of 1930 (Complete Annual)   
Freshman Class Of 1930   
Junior Class Of 1930   
Sophomore Class Of 1930   
Clifford Adams (President)   
Violet Allen  
Thomas Banta   
Robert Barr   
Marian Brockway   
Rebecca Collings (Boone)   
Ruby Crist  
Elton Cronkhite  
Rudolph (Dolph) Davies  
Elizabeth Farrington   
Clara Alice Fisher  
Edith Fisher  
Pauline Freed  
Harold Hixon  
Wayne Kilburn  
Gladys Laney  
Virginia Lee   
Dorothy Martin  
Margaret Martin  
Parke McCampbell  
Newton McCord  
Nadine Miller  
Dorothy Nelson  
Juliet Ott (Snowden)   
Marion Overpeck   
Chester Priest  
Marie Riggs  
Marion Ross  
Rosalie Sappenfield  
Eleanor Sowers  
Harold Squire  
William Swaim  
Mary Elizabeth Switzer  
Morris Switzer  
Susie A. Walters  
Eleanor Watson  

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