Fellow RHS Alumni Profiles (1911)

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Dsc_0671 10
Dsc_0672 11
Dsc_0673 12
Dsc_0674 13
Dsc_0675 14
Dsc_0676 15
Dsc_0677 16
Dsc_0678 17
Dsc_0680 19
Class Of 1911 (Class Pin)   
Class Of 1911 (Class Photo)   
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Dsc_0682 21
Dsc_0683 22
Dsc_0684 23
Dsc_0685 24
Dsc_0688 27
Dsc_0690 29
Dsc_0693 32
Dsc_0695 34
Dsc_0696 35
Dsc_0697 36
Dsc_0698 37
Dsc_0699 38
Dsc_0700 39
Dsc_0665 4
Dsc_0702 41
Dsc_0703 42
Dsc_0704 43
Dsc_0706 44
Dsc_0707 45
Dsc_0666 5
Dsc_0668 7
Joseph J. Adams  
Paul Anway  
George Boyd   
Jennie Boyd (Myers)   
Carrie E. Britton (Adams)  
Frank Burks  
Paul Burks  
Laurel Calloway  
William Carmichael (Bellmore)  
Leila M. Cole  
George Connelly (Bellmore)  
Reba A. Cottrel  
Opal Davis Connelly (George) (Bel…)  
Russell Dukes  
Kathryn Ellett  
Murel Faris  
Blaine Fellinger  
Mary Francis Ferguson (Collings)   
Mabel L. Fryberger (Osborn)  
Edna Gilligan  
Michael Graham  
Clayton Harrison  
Elsa R. Howell  
Lucille Kammerlin  
Myrtle Lee (Fisher)  
Courtney Livingstone  
Elsie M. Martin (Bellmore)  
Blanche M. Martin Thomas (Ray) (B…)  
Harry McCabe (Bellmore)  
Clayton L. Mershon  
Rexford Milee  
Bernice E. Miles (Miller)  
Foster Miles  
Ruby Pence (Overpeck)   
Albert Pike  
Fred Richardson (Bellmore)  
Belva Schrader    
Blanche Seller  
Edith M. Shortridge  
Myrtle I. Simpson (Collings)  
Bessie J. Skelton   
Wallace Spencer (Bellmore)  
Leona A. Stout  
Alice L. Swaim  
Omar Thompson (Bellmore)  

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